Since we only have this planet to survive, it is very crucial that we look after it properly. Although one of the major challenges we are facing as a planet is global warming due to changes in climate and this has been a major concern for all of us, there is hope in the future for us to build a better planet with a brighter future. Great innovations have been developed and there are several other innovations in the field of energy that make us hope for a brighter future in the coming years. Below are some of the innovations that have been established with a promising future.

Liquid metal batteries

In order for us to completely shut down power plants that use fossil fuel, we will need enough storage for renewable sources of energy for us to shave the demand peak. As long as we will be having a peak in the evening after solar has dropped down, we will still have a need for peak plants.  But if we can find a way of storing solar and wind, that is a game-changer and the only way we can do this is through liquid metal batteries.

Installations of solar panels by robots

When it comes to doing to precision and accuracy, robots are much better than people and they can always do repetitive tasks even better with much more precision. If we are planning on creating massive solar power farm be it either thermal or photovoltaic, with the help of robots we can do a better job and we will also reduce the cost.

Massive wind turbines

Although this may not sound like a such a big deal to many since over the decades turbines have just been getting bigger, but building massive big turbines is great and their size greatly matter as wind turbines highly depend on the surface area which is covered by rotor blades and with these massive wind turbines we can get more clean energy.

Wave power

Although it seems that we have forgotten completely about wave power since little is known about it and it may never catch up with solar and wind in terms of deployment and cost, wave power is a great source of energy.  There are several projects that are coming up in relation to wave energy and sooner or later wave power will be in place.

Residential solar financing

Initially for you to have a solar panel on your rooftop, it was a prerequisite that you had the capital upfront which was a bit expensive for many people and they could not afford it even if they were fully aware that they were saving money at the end of it. But with innovative solar financing companies, it is now possible to have a solar-powered system by leasing it using the money that would otherwise be used in paying electricity.

Wind farms optimized by use of software

Although more energy can be squeezed out of the wind by the use of wind turbines that are big, the software can be used to optimize these wind firms to even produce more energy easily. It is hardly possible to guess the perfect position for a wind turbine and the moment they are installed, they do not move, it is, therefore, necessary that you ensure that these wind turbines have been optimized before the very first shove is done on the ground.  This is a very innovative way of using the technology that exists and if the wind turbine happens to be located in an ideal spot you can be sure that a lot more energy will be generated. 

Optical furnace

Over the past few years, the reinvention of the solar industry has become very cost-effective and a lot more efficient when it comes to making cells.  The silicon sliced is a lot thinner, their supply chain and factories have been optimized and non-silicon materials have been used in making panels.  However, the progress to be made is still a lot and an amazing breakthrough is the use of optical furnace which will be used in heating the silicon that make the panel and this is going to reduce the energy that is required by half and this will greatly reduce the manufacturing footprints of the panel and making them even cheaper.

Reinvention of fire plan

There are several articles that have been published in relation to the production of clean energy some of these projects have not even been approved but with this project of the reinvention of fire, it ought to go through as it injects a dose of realism and optimism in the energy debate.

With the above-listed innovations, we can be hopeful that the future seems very promising and we can only wait and see how things will be in the future.