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Algorithm description
The recorded return signals are first corrected for the pulse-pile-up effect, signal induced noise and the background signal.
The DIAL principle is used to retrieve the ozone number density from the observed and corrected backscatter.

The software upgrade to version 8.2 implemented in the summer of 2007 includes the following changes with respect to previous version (7.3):
1. a change from sondes to NCEP climatology for the a-priori temperature profile
2. an alteration of the starting time between signal release and first count
3. an update of Rayleigh scattering implementation
4. a re-definition of the masks which define the used altitude interval

Expected precision and accuracy
During the latest intercomparison campaign, the accuracy of the lidar measurement was estimated to be 3% over the altitude range 12 to 45 km.
Contact information
For more information regarding the RIVM stratospheric ozone lidar please contact the principal investigator Daan Swart (Daan.Swart at rivm.nl).
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DIAL  Differential absorption lidar
EQUAL Envisat quality assessment with lidar
NCEP National centers for environmental prediction (http://www.ncep.noaa.gov/)
NDSC Network for the detection of stratospheric change (now NDACC)
NIWA National institute of water and atmospheric research (www.niwa.co.nz)
OPAL Ozone profiler assessment at Lauder
RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (www.rivm.nl)
TOPAL Temperature and ozone profiler assessment at Lauder
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19 September 2016